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Movement One: The Hate We Live

Movement Description:

Explore the infuriating reality of injustice, anti-Blackness and systemic oppression. These selections point the finger at racism, loudly call it out, bodly judge it and unapologetically condemn it. It is the expression of explosive anger that gives way to smoldering rage. It is the hate we live.

Way To Experience:

The movement was curated to be experienced in a specific order. The songs in a movement build upon one another, and one by one, create a full and immersive experience and journey in black freedom. As a result, we would love for you to play and listen to the songs - left to right, top to bottom, in the order they appear in the playlist.


Some of the visuals created by the artists in this movement MAY be triggering and difficult to watch for some people. While we truly believe this imagery and the message of the music are timely and necessary, we also understand the need of individuals to protect their peace and joy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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