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Movement Four: Joy and Reign

Movement Description:

Basque in the joyful experience of unfettered freedom described through Black verse, rhythm and sound. After the fight and toil, these selections commence on the new breath of morning and beckon us to revel in the selfless, boundless and timeless essence of our freedom – love. They generously pour out acceptance, nourishment, harmony and reverence. They are life bathed in sunlight, dripping with sweetness and nestled in peace. They rightfully crown us with joy born of freedom.

Way To Experience:

The movement was curated to be experienced in a specific order. The songs in a movement build upon one another, and one by one, create a full and immersive experience and journey in black freedom. As a result, we would love for you to play and listen to the songs - left to right, top to bottom, in the order they appear in the playlist.

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